Are you ready to go through significant growth to reclaim authentic confidence, take your relationships (including the relationships with money) to the next level, your career and live an authentic life? 


Usually, when people start working with me, they have no idea how to change their lives, how to shift from feeling "not real" or not authentic to confident and fulfilled, how to own their own lives and just thrive in life! 


Do you feel successful in one area of life, but not another?

Do you find yourself looking and being perceived as very confident, put together, successful and don't feel that way deep inside? It could be a feeling of not being authentic, not being connected with your inner self? 

Often our unhappiness and dissatisfaction in life show up in extra weight which just doesn't go away no matter how "hard you try", in feeling dull and depressed or just sad. Despite everyone saying how great you are and how much you achieved, - perhaps, you don't feel that at all... 


People say that I am a successful businesswoman, adventurer, insane traveller, also an international speaker and my official title of day-to-day work is ReInvent Mindset Coach, I am actually also a parent (perhaps, you too?) and have an amazing family, best friends and the thing some call "normal life"...


But the most amazing thing is that I am very passionate about transforming people lives at every level: relationships (it all starts there baby!), work and business, health, confidence, finances...

Would you like to know how we will be able to capture so many areas?

All of them are controlled by your mindset.


Few little tweaks here and there and you will be transformed into the best version of yourself!

Did I say it will be easy? No.

But what I can guarantee to you: it is possible!

And one more last thing, would you agree that life is about living it to full potential, enjoying, achieving and succeeding? If that's a YES - then welcome to my world and let's go on the journey together!

What would you like to work on?



Are you living your own, authentic life?

Or maybe you pretend, wear a few masks and adapt to everyone's expectations?

Every day you have a chance to progress, change, flourish and build your new future!

It's time to be in charge of your own life! You ARE READY!

In Love

Your Relationships

Are you 100% happy in your relationships?

It takes two to tango and yet very often the relationship is a direct mirror of what happens inside of your mindset, heart and soul.


It's important to release all past experiences, to work on your issues, and most importantly, to work on YOURSELF in order to have an amazing LOVE life!

Laptop and Notebook

Your Business

THINKING of expanding your BUSINESS?


You are at the right place! Did you know that your business will grow as much as you grow? That's right, so it's time to grow!

SUCCESSFUL and PROFITABLE business starts with a STRONG vision, success MINDSET and a great EXIT plan!

Olga Geidane New Life Kick Start
Olga Geidane New Life Kick Start
Olga Geidane New Life Kick Start
Olga Geidane New Life Kick Start
Olga Geidane New Life Kick Start
Olga Geidane New Life Kick Start
Olga Geidane New Life Kick Start
Olga Geidane New Life Kick Start
Olga Geidane New Life Kick Start


Would you like to have a happy, well balanced personal life, wonderful relationships and a triumphant career or business? 


But instead, you are probably hiding behind social media posts and likes, endless TV programs and a million, if not more, excuses...

Being a life transformation coach for over a decade gives me the opportunity to help you to transform your life and take it to the next level within all areas! 

Let's make it happen!

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