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20 min - 1 hour

So, what is it, confidence? Is it when you think you can do anything? Or maybe it’s when people look at you and think you are not approachable?


Lack of confidence limits you in many areas of your life: getting a better job or just a pay rise, being in a happy and healthy relationship, having lots of friends and going out...  confidence is your oxygen, which is needed everywhere. 


How do you work on your confidence? Can you just look confident in order to feel the same? 

This and so much more you and your guests can learn during an interactive session.

When is the right time?


20 min - 2 hours

This is a very unique and sellable speaking programme. It is based on a true story about my dad, teaching me only one lesson in life. I never met him and yet still managed to learn!


Everyone is waiting for the perfect time, perfect opportunity, perfect person... forgetting about how important is to actually live, enjoy and treasure every moment of your life right now! 


Yes, there are better and worse times in life and we can’t choose much or more of what we can have. But... one thing we are responsible for and definitely can do is changing our perspective and applying a different meaning to anything that happens to us. 


People feel inspired, motivated and I always receive long emails about how my speech actually shifted them and the massive changes they actually made after seeing me.


Book now and I will put in a prize draw for one FREE half-day session with one person to take their life to the next level. 

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