Staff Retention


20 min - 3 hours

No business exists without staff, whether it’s one person or many - you need people running the whole enterprise, from start to end.


Nowadays so many people are changing jobs for better wages, better status, better bonus systems, but the number one reason people leave their current work placement is the manager.


How to motivate, lead, educate and manage your staff so they not only stay in the business but also overperform and stay loyal no matter what - this is delivered in one day on your own business premises for your and your staff's comfort.


You and your employees will learn during the interactive, communication-oriented session, the tricks, skills and techniques to be the best version of manager, leader or CEO.


Book the one-day course and receive a free staff happiness analysis to help you grow, expand and win more business!

Red Carpet Customer Service


20 min - 2 hours

Is it enough just to sell your products or service? Not nowadays! 


The days of one to two service providers are gone. Yellow pages became dust collectors rather a directory to go to.


How your staff serves your potential and existing customers determines how successful your business will be in comparison to your competitor. Everyone has a choice, including your clients and if your customer service isn’t excellent - your competitor will benefit!


Where does the communication between your staff and client start? How can your team make sure new clients become a fan and not only stay with you but also praise you? What is it clients are after when they are on the phone with your staff? These and many more extremely important points of customer service are presented in a high energy and fun environment. Nothing can be worse than a boring and monotone lecture, and I know it! 

Systems & Discipline


20 min - full day

When you think of a watch - it is a well set up, well thought out and designed system that works! No matter if you are there - looking and observing it, or not!

How to apply this to your business - is every business owner's question. We all want to work on business only 4 hours a week - but for 98% of business owners that's an unrealistic dream.

Where to start and how do achieve it in 6 months - that's the main content of this speaking gig.