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Life Reboot in 8 weeks

This ​programme will take you from where you are right now to where you always wanted to be...


You will completely reboot your life, you will become a better version of yourself and with kick-start your life journey!


As a result you will be finally a motivated achiever, succesful, driven and most importantly 100% happy!

Change your life in just 8 weeks!

What's the plan?

Usually this course takes 8 weeks, however if you have a very busy schedule - we can modify it and stretch up to 3 months. During this time you are receiving:

  • 8 coaching sessions 

  • access to my online webinars

  • accountability from my side (regular reminders)

  • access to a private FaceBook group

  • framed certificate of completion.

For your maximum result I always modify my programmes to personal needs of my clients, based on their life experience so far and on their dreams, however the life reboot programme guideline is as follows:

  1. Session 1 - reviewing your life and setting up new standards

  2. Session 2 - creation of The New You

  3. Session 3 - linking experiences, past life lessons with The New You

  4. Session 4 - creating a daily routine, weekly planning for the life of The New You

  5. Session 5 - working on your self-talk and limiting stories 

  6. Session 6 - reviewing the circumstances and what surrounds you

  7. Session 7 - reviewing and modifying daily, weekly routines for your future 

  8. Session 8 - overview of the journey, setting up new goals and new standards.

"It was life changing for me!


I was deeply depressed and had no life direction.


Alcohol and light drugs were not helping me anymore...


After session one I already felt something has changed and by the time 8th session came - I didn't want the programme to finish, so I simply continued to work with Olga..."

- Andrew Smith

Life changing, very different to anything I have done before!


I am into personal development and for me is important to work on myself.


For me this course was a life saver! I struggled from anxiety caused by very bad relationships in the past and at the time, so I wanted to not only work on myself, but also my relationships -  and we did!


I am happy, proud of myself and hungry for life now!


- Jessica WIlliams

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